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Approved August 2017 Minutes
Oct 12, 2017

Town of Amherst Plan Commission Minutes – August 3, 2017 approved


Notice:Postings were at 3 sites: Town Hall, International Bank of Amherst and Town website.

Call to Order:At 6:30 p.m.

Roll Call:Kadow, Olson, Netzel and Nilsen. Also in attendance was Jerry Stremkowski.

Citizen Comments: Stremkowski asked “Are ATVs and UTVs allowed on town roads for recreational usage?” Kadow will check with Portage County Sheriff’s Department.

Approval of Monthly Minutes:M/S by Nilsen/Kadow to approve the July 6, 2017 minutes. M/C.

Lake Ebert Discussion:Kadow presented a summary of DNR correspondence and procedures as noted in A Guideline for Creating Local Boating Ordinances and Placing Waterway Markers in Wisconsin Watersaccessible at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/boat/ordinances.htmlNilsen suggested working with Antigo DNR station for assistance. Local wardens invited to this meeting, but unable to attend. Kadow shared mockup of Motor Boat ordinance. Commission reviewed Jacqueline Lake ordinance in Sharon and Lake Emily in Amherst. Both similar to draft copy contained on DNR website.

Kadow reported in an email from Jon Scharbarth, DNR representative, I have no issues with this lake being electric motors only….Basically, almost every boat that gains access is non-motorized and launched from the side of the road.” As the people polled at the July meeting requested no motors on Ebert Lake, Kadow will contact the DNR as to whether the ordinance could be written as NO MOTORS allowable.

Contact Spierings to check with the Town Association lawyer as to verbage from the Jaqueline Lake ordinance “An exception to the internal combustion engines are Rescue, DNR survey crews and weed harvesting equipment.” Does the Town of Amherst wish to include this statement to avoid liability issues in the future?

Plan Commission suggested that a draft version of the Ebert Lake ordinance be presented to the town board at the August meeting.

Next Meeting:September 7, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. Topics to include: Lake Ebert ordinance, ATV and UTV town road usage, Drone Use and Privacy invasion

Correspondence: DNR emails as reported above.

Adjournment: M/S Netzel/Olson to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 p.m. M/C.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Kadow, Town of Amherst Plan Commission Chair

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