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Approved July 2018 Plan Commission Minutes
Aug 13, 2018

Town of Amherst Plan Commission Minutes – approved July 10, 2018


Notice:Postings were at three sites: Town Hall, International Bank of Amherst and Town website.

Call to Order:Kadow, Blenker, Netzel, Spierings and Olson.

Approval of Monthly Minutes:June 7, 2018 minutes were read and correction of deletion of phrase “of the land for the first parcel” within the third sentence under section Review site plan… was recorded. M/S Olson/Blenker to approve minutes with correction above. M/C. Kadow clarified the parameters of the Plan Commission as being advisory. All recommendations of Plan Commission are forwarded to the Town Board whether in acceptance of further action or in refusal of further action. Kadow also reported that the Town Board voted to concur with the denial of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment/rezoning request for Kolodziejs.

Review maps of Lake Ebert:Maps specifically around Ebert Lake were reviewed. M/S Blenker/Netzel the Plan Commission did not note any discrepancy and therefore no further action will be taken at this time. M/C.

Plan Commission Terms:Blenker and Netzel to serve additional three year terms. Olson willing to serve as Plan Commission Chair once Kadow’s term is completed in 2019.

Driveway permit conditions:  The Plan Commission suggests that Town of Amherst not be liable for any damage to personal driveways within the town right of way. The homeowner may be liable for damage to town equipment. Requirement of asphalt within 5 feet of the edge of the road will be deleted from the permit. Spierings will take the suggestions to the Town Board for their approval.

Upcoming Agenda Items:Lot split for Shanklin, Lot split for Johnson. Reminder that Monday, July 23, 2018 is the WTA meeting at the Jensen Center with Amherst hosting.

Meeting Adjourned: M/S Olson/Netzel to adjourn meeting at 7:19 p.m. M/C.

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