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Approved February 2018 Plan Commission Minutes
May 07, 2018

Town of Amherst Plan Commission Minutes – February 1, 2018 approved


Notice:Postings were at 3 sites: Town Hall, International Bank of Amherst and Town website.

Call to Order:At 6:30 p.m.

Roll Call:Kadow, Blenker, Spierings, Nilsen, Netzel and Olson.

Citizen Comments: None

Approval of Monthly Minutes:December minutes were read and M/S Blenker/Spierings to approve the minutes as read. M/C.

Proposed rezoning of property located at 3851 Tomorrow River Road from the split A1 ExclusiveAgricultural and A4 General Agricultural to A4 solely: Currently parcel is 6.2 acres. Lepinski reported that the goal is to subdivide the lot and build on northern portion. A1 requires a lot the size of 35 acres or more. The requested A4 zoning would allow the land to be subdivided and eliminate the split zoning on the property. Before rezoning can take place, the Town of Amherst Future Land Use map must be amended to show parcel #006-23-1015-06.03 must be changed from L2 to L3 Limited Agricultural/Mixed Use. M/S Netzel/Kadow to recommend an amendment to the Town of Amherst Future Land Use Map for the stated parcel from L2 to L3 and consequently allow for rezoning from A1 and A4 to A4 solely. M/C. Resolution #2-1-18 attached indicating such recommendation. Concerns were voiced with setting a precedent for future requests for amendments to future land use map. Discussion ensued regarding case by case decisions cannot be made based on possible future requests. It was also noted that the parcel had been split in 2006 from the adjoining A1 property and that the zoning will remain as Agricultural, but providing the owner with the option of subdividing 2 acre parcels.

Correspondence:Tracy Pelky, Portage County Planning and Zoning Coordinator provided a written update on the Ryan and Deann Kolodziej existing farm operation on parcel #006-23-1030-07.03. Communication stated property is currently zoned RL, Rural Limited. The County Board changed the zoning from A4, General Agricultural to RL, Rural Limited on June 19, 2012. This zoning district allows for new and or expanded agricultural activity as a special exception approval. Based on information provided, the property was operating for agricultural activity before this date and can continue as a legal non-conforming use. If trees were cut down and expansion of farm acreage resulting, that would require a special exception approval from the Board of Adjustment to allow expansion of the operation.

Next Meeting:March 1, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. if items arise for the agenda. Blenker will not be available for the meeting.

Adjournment: M/S Olson/Netzel to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 p.m. M/C.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Kadow, Town of Amherst Plan Commission Chair

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