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Approved July 2018 Town Board Minutes
Aug 16, 2018


July 12, 2018

NOTICE:  2 Postings, Website

CALL TO ORDER: At 6:30p.m.


ROLL CALL:  Chairman Spierings, Supervisor Lutz, Supervisor Trzebiatowski, Treasurer Bacon, Clerk Lea, Chris Kadow, Marj Bachhuber and Tommy Enright.

APPROVAL OF JUNE 14,2018 PUBLIC HEARING MINUTES:  M/S by Lutz/Spierings to approve the June 14, 2018 Public Hearing minutes on Town of Amherst Comprehensive Plan/Future Land use Revision and Rezoning Request with change in Comments on Ordinance - change last sentence word revision to map. M/C. Ayes = 3

APPROVAL OF JUNE 14,2018 MONTHLY MINUTES:  M/S by Lutz/Trzebiatowski to approve the June 14, 2018 minutes with changes. 1.)Lime Lake Boat Landing - add "an additional" 22 feet. 2.) Road Bids - take Packer and $52,929 out of Chip Sealing. 3.) WTA meeting - add: Scott Construction offered to pick up the bill for total cost of meeting afterthe road bids were awarded. M/C. Ayes=3

PUBLIC INPUT:1.) Marj Bachhuber announced she retired from Portage County Board of Adjustment.  Marj updated the town on zoning changes. Marj also was asked by the town board many years ago to look into what it takes to make the township to village.  Marj read a current article on how this could be done.

OPERATOR LICENSES:  1.) Operator license was approved for Dawn Portzen - Bootleggers. 2.) Operator license was not approved for Madalyn Gian- Dollar General.  Madalyn was not present to meet the board.

GROUNDWATER REPORT:Tommy Enright was present to give report. At the last groundwater committee meeting, the members went over the wellhead protection ordinance.

PLAN COMMISSION REPORT: Chairperson Chris Kadow was present. 1.) The Plan Commission reviewed maps around Ebert Lake. 2.)Kadow's term ends May 2019.  Brenna Olson has offered to take over chairperson duties.  3.) Driveway Permit was reviewed.  4.) Lot splits are coming up as upcoming agenda items.

EMPLOYEE WALT BIENIEWSKI:  Walt had asked Clerk Lea to be put on the agenda for a wage raise.  Walt should have asked the board to be put on the agenda.  Bieniewski had



received his last raise in 2014.  M/S Spierings/Lutz to give Walt a $1 an hour raise starting next month (August 1st) to $15 per hour.  M/C . Aye = 3.

BUILDING PERMIT FEES - TONY ANDERSON:  According the Building Inspector, Mike Bembenek, Anderson failed to get a building permit, which means the penalty is double in fees.  Anderson did go to Portage County and was not informed about building permit.  M/S Spierings/Lutz recommend to waive the additional fees for building permit for Tony Anderson.  M/C  Aye = 3.

DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE REVISION OF TOWN OF AMHERST DRIVEWAY/CULVERT PERMIT:  Much discussion took place on possible revision.  Needs to go back to Plan Commission for more revisions. This subject is tabled.

CLERK/TREASURER APPOINTED POSITION:  There was some confusion on steps the board need to take on this subject.  Marj Bachhuber pointed out that direct powers at the Annual Meeting gives town board the power to appoint clerk and treasurer.  Chairman Spierings contacted the WI Towns Association lawyers which said that residents advise to the town board at the annual meeting and then the town board decides if they want the subject to go to referendum.  M/S Lutz/Trzebiatowski to establish public hearing for position of clerk/treasurer appointed positions.  M/C  Aye = 3.

7000 LB WEIGHT LIMIT ON TOWN LINE ROAD:  Supervisor Trzebiatowski does not recommend the town put a 7000 lb weight limit on Town Line Road stating a 1 ton pickup truck would not be able to use the road.  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to not put a 7000 lb weight limit on Town Line Road.  M/C  Ayes = 3

TOWN GARAGE SITE:  Road Supervisor Dick Trzebiatowski and employee Allen Trzebiatowski will do the rubblising and will get cislar gravel to put down by the town garage.

REPAIRS FOR PLOW TRUCKS:  The Peterbilt and International both have slides that are worn through on the wings.  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to buy a new A frame wing for Peterbilt and rebuild the slide on International for total of $5,500.  M/C  Aye = 3

NEW TIRES FOR JOHN DEERE LOADER:  The loader needs new tires.  Road supervisor Trzebiatowski found some military takeoff tires that include rims for $4,800.  M/S Spierings/Lutz to get new tires and rims for John Deere loader for $4,800 from B & T Builders.  M/C  Aye = 3




ROAD REPORT:  BIDS FOR LAKE EMILY ROAD AND ISAACSON ROAD - Bids for Lake Emily Road and Isaacson Road were submitted by B & B Paving and Scott Construction.  M/S Trzebistowski/Lutz  to award bid the B & B Paving contract for Isaacson Road as per bid. #10144 dated 6/18/18.  M/C. Aye = 3

Lake Emily Rd. bid was tabled until next month.

The town is going to borrow a disk from Town of Buena Vista to retrieve shoulder material.

The town board is interested in looking at a John Deere disk bine.  M/S Lutz/Trzebiatowski for authority to town board member to purchase a disk bine if deemed a good value.  M/C  Aye = 3


TOWN HALL REPORT:  1.) Fire inspection was done - burnt out bulb in garage exit sign. 2.) blocks in front of town hall need to be moved.


TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Bacon read report.  Town Balance is $393,542.92. Municipal Road Loan balance is $61,650.87 and Property/Road Loan is $119,195.70.



REMINDER OF WTA JULY 23, 2018 MEETING HOSTED BY TOWN OF AMHERST:  Lunch starts at 6:30 p.m.  Please arrive by 5:30 for set up.

CORRESPONDENCE:  1.) Letter from Bob Chojnowski on Lime Lake boat launch.  Bob had asked Clerk Lea to read letter and distribute to the board. Letter was read by Clerk Lea. 2.)Portage County Solid Waste info.  3.) Weight Limit meeting. 4.) 2019 Bridge/Culvert Aid.

AGENDA ITEMS FOR NEXT MONTH:1.)Driveway/Culvert Permit.  2.) Lake Emily Rd. bid  3.) Public Hearing and Ordinance for Clerk/Treasurer appointed position.

ADJOURNMENT:  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to adjourn at 8:52 p.m.  M/C.

Next Town of Amherst Board meeting will be held on Thursday, August 16, 2018 due to 30 day notice of Public Hearing for Ordinance to convert elected clerk/treasurer offices to town board appointed office.  Shawn Lea, Town of Amherst, Clerk

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