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Oct 11, 2018


September 26, 2018

NOTICE:  2 Postings, Website

CALL TO ORDER: At 6:30p.m.


ROLL CALL:  Chairman Spierings, Supervisor Lutz, Supervisor Trzebiatowski, and Clerk Lea

AMHERST FIRE DISTRICT TEMPORARY CLASS B PICNIC LICENSE FOR BANQUET HELD ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2018:  Amherst Fire District failed to turn in application for banquet on time.  In order to receive license, Amherst Fire District paid $150 for special meeting.  M/S Lutz/Trzebiatowski to approve the Amherst Fire District Temporary Class B Picnic License for Banquet held on September 29, 2018.

SAND/SALT PURCHASE:  Chairman Spierings received prices for salt from Oakley Fertilizer @ $77.74 per ton and Portage County @ $85.59 per ton.  It will cost approximately $792.00 for Wroblewski Trucking to haul salt from Illinois. M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to purchase 1 load of salt from Oakley Fertilizer and have Wroblewski Trucking haul it.  M/C  Aye = 3

The Town of Amherst will purchase the sand from Wimme.  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to purchase approximately 250 tons of sand from Wimme.  M/C  Aye = 3

The Town received two bids for trucking of sand and mixing of salt/sand. Glodowski Construction for $80 per hour for trucking and $25 per hour for mixing.  DC Trucking for $90 per hour for trucking and $20 per hour for mixing.  M/S Spierings/Lutz that the Town of Amherst give the bid to DC Trucking for hauling sand from Wimme and then mix of salt and sand.  M/C  Aye = 2  Nay = 1

LUTZ LANE DITCH ISSUE:  Lutz Lane ditch on the west side and the south side of Old 18 needs to be reditched due to runoff of manure from Dale Lutz farm property.  The Town will receive bids for reditching for 2 ft deep and 4 ft wide, then sloped.  The Town Board will meet on Lutz Lane on Monday, October 1st at 8:00 a.m. to discuss the reditching.  A letter will be sent out to Dale Lutz to request his presence at the meeting.

ADJOURNMENT:  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to adjourn at 7:15 p.m.  M/C.

Shawn Lea, Town of Amherst, Clerk

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