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Approved December 2018 Town Board Minutes
Jan 10, 2019


December 13, 2018

NOTICE:  2 Postings, Website

CALL TO ORDER: At 6:30p.m.


ROLL CALL:  Chairman Spierings, Supervisor Lutz, Supervisor Trzebiatowski, Treasurer Bacon, Clerk Lea, Chairperson Chris Kadow, Gerry Zastrow( County Board Supervisor, District No. 24),Bryan Lockman(DNR) and Kevin Dombrowski.

APPROVAL OF NOVEMBER 8, 2018 PUBLIC HEARING AND SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES ON 2019 BUDGET:  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to approve the November 8, 2018 Public Hearing and Special Meeting Minutes.  M/C.

APPROVAL OF NOVEMBER 8, 2018 MONTHLY MINUTES:  M/S by Lutz/Trzebiatowski to approve the November 8, 2018 minutes with change to VOTE ON PLAN COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION ON LUTZ PROPERTY-  add parcel # 006-23-1018-06.02.  M/C.

PUBLIC INPUT:1.) Chris Kadow had asked why taxes are not being paid at banks anymore? Gerry Zastrow commented on Tom Mallison(ex-Treasurer for Portage County) started this procedure.

PLAN COMMISSION REPORT: Chris Kadow reported for Plan Commission. Plan Commission did not meet in December.  January meeting will be about Shoreland Zoning, Hemp.  Brenna Olson will be taking over as Chairperson in May, Amy Netzel will move to full time and Grace Gibbs will serve as alternate.

GROUNDWATER REPORT:Representative Tommy Enright was not present to give a report.

GROUNDWATER TESTING: The Town of Amherst has offered the Town of Amherst Municipal building  as a testing site.

RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING A SIGNATORY MUNICIPALITY TO EXCEED THE LEVY LIMIT FOR THE AMHERST FIRE DISTRICT:  All Amherst Fire District municipalities need to approve a resolution to exceed the levy limit if the levy increase requested by the Fire District would cause a municipality to exceed its permitted levy limit. M/S Spierings/Trzebiatowski to approve Resolution No. 12-13-18.  M/C.  Ayes = 3.

HUNTING ON THE TOMORROW RIVER WITHIN THE TOWN BOUNDARIES OF THE TOWN OF AMHERST:  Resident Kevin Dombrowski has had pellets from shot gun shells landing on


his property from hunters, which is a real safety concern.  A suggestion is to have a town ordinance stating No Shooting in the area from old railroad bridge to the village limits. Don read an ordinance from the Town of Hull.  Brian from the DNR suggested signs to be put up by the County.  Chairman Spierings will call Park Department to see if they will take action with the signs.  This subject has been tabled.

COUNTY A BRIDGE:The Town of Amherst will be putting up NO THRU TRUCKS signs on both ends of River Road and Damrau Road anticipating when county will start on County A bridge.  M/S Trzebiatowski/Spierings to put up NO THRU TRUCKS signs on River Road and Damrau Road.  M/C  Ayes = 3.

** Gerry Zastrow brought up wheel tax that will be included on your registration fees.  Municipalities won't get any extra money for road funds.  This will go directly to the County.

ISAACSON ROAD UPDATE - PAYMENT FOR WORK DONE & BIDS FOR OTHER HALF OF ISAACSON ROAD:Isaacson Road LRIP project was ground and cisslar was put down.  $34,938.00.  In the spring, we will need to re grade and put blacktop down.

ROAD REPORT:1.) Snowplowed a couple of times so far. 2.) Burn brush pile tomorrow.  3.)Lutz Lane - overhang trees need to be cut.  4.) Cut limbs by Bams house because they hit the snowplow truck when turning around.

BUILDING INSPECTION,ZONING PERMIT REPORT:  Zoning permits for Bohm and Young/Fuehrer.

TOWN HALL REPORT:  1.) Christmas gifts for employees.  M/S Lutz/Trzebiatowski to get $50 gift certificates for 4 employees.  Walt, Keith, Boyd and Allen.  M/C Ayes = 3

Resident Chris Kadow stated that the town should get permission from the town residents.  Why should the residents pay for Christmas gifts if we are already paying them wages?  Maybe this should be brought up at the annual meeting.

FIRE & SAFTEY REPORT:  1.) There will be a special meeting on Ambulance contract on December 17, 2018.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Bacon gave report.  Town Balance is $335,897.29.  Municipal Road Loan balance is $41,678.35 and Property/Road Loan is $119,195.70.


BUDGET REPORT:   Reviewed.


APPROVAL TO PAY END OF THE YEAR BILLS:  M/S Trzebiatowski/Lutz to approve paying the end of the year bills.  M/C.

SET CAUCUS DATE AND TIME:January 19, 2019 @ 1:00 p.m.  Incumbent Holly Bacon turned in non candidacy for the April 2, 2019 election.

CORRESPONDENCE:  1.) Construction report.  2.) article from Marj Bachhuber on gravel or pavement roads.

AGENDA ITEMS FOR NEXT MONTH:1.) Hunting on Tomorrow River. 2.) County A Bridge

ADJOURNMENT:  M/S Lutz/Trzebiatowski to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  M/C.



Shawn Lea, Town of Amherst, Clerk

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