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Town Office: 715-824-3476


Town of Amherst Town Board Members

Town Board Chairman Donald Spierings @ 715-340-1230 (cell)
Town Board Road Supervisor Richard Trzebiatowski @715-347-3314 (cell)
Town Board Supervisor Gary Kadow @ 715-340-7359 (cell) 
Town Clerk Shawn Lea 715-824-2300 (home)
Town Treasurer Holly Bacon 715-824-3951 (home)

Town of Amherst Plan Commission

Plan Commission Chairperson Chris Kadow@ 715-340-7360                                               
Plan Commission Member Peter Blenker @715-824-5665 (work)
Plan Commission Member Gary Nilsen@ 715-824-5051 (work)
Plan Commission Member Don Spierings @715-340-1230 (cell)
Plan Commission Member Amy Netzel @ 715-498-2055 (cell)                                    
Plan Commission Member Brenna Olson 715-570-4552                                   

Town Assessor
Jeremy Kurtzweil 715-486-9019

Town Building Inspector
Mike Bembenek, RISE, LLC 715-570-8378, mikebembenekinspector@gmail.com

Garbage and Recycling
Harter’s 715-253-2619 or 888-804-8556
Garbage is picked up every Wednesday – set out by 6:00 a.m.
Recycling is picked up every  Wednesday also.

Burning Permits
dnr.wi.gov/wisburn click on “Burning Permit Restrictions”
or call 1-888-WIS-BURN(947-2876)

Dog Licenses
Town Treasurer Holly Bacon 715-824-3951